at the time to resume the music web-site

I'd like to participate in the internet discussion on pogressive-rock again.
I did with the handle "healer" more than ten years ago, but I was forced to be seapate from my beloved daughter by a divorce, losing both hope and eagerness for music.
Now in the depth of despair and poverty, I cannot buy as many CD's as formerly, either cannot be an audience of Kichijoji Silver Elephant, on the contrary the lack of money makes me hard to go to Tokyo for purchasing CD's.
Therefore, what I can write here is only how I hear the music.
It has been impossible for me to construct a web-site like music museum as formerly.
My favorite sound has not been changed as ever, such as PENDRAGON, COLLAGE, KARNATAKA, or MOSTLY AUTUMN, Japanese progressive-rock band CINEMA, adding KNIGHT AREA, PANIC ROOM, MYSTERY, and so on.


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my favorites (2001~)

To show my taste of music, I deposit the list of my favorite albums and tunes on this blog at first.
I prefer melodic and symphonic music to the so-called avant-garde or experimental kind of progressive rock, hence I'd tend to write mainly about melodious rock.

My favorite albums after 2001
♪KARNATAKA / Delicate Flame of Desire (2003)
♪MOSTLY AUTUMN / The Last Bright Light (2001)
♪KNIGHT AREA / Realm of Shadows (2009)
♪PENDRAGON / Believe (2005)
♪PANIC ROOM / Skin (2012)
♪YAK / Journey of the YAK (2008)
♪KVAZAR / A Giant's Lullaby (2005)
♪FRANC ALBIR / hoc (2013)
♪MOONRISE / Stopover-Life (2012)

Titles of my favorite music after 2001 (album title )
♪PANIC ROOM / Satellite ("Satellite")
♪KARNATAKA / Strange Behaviour ("Delicate Flame of Desire")
♪MOSTLY AUTUMN / Top of the World ("Ghost Moon Orchestra")
♪WITHIN TEMPTATION / In Perfect Harmony ("Mother Earth")
♪BREATHING SPACE / Questioning Eyes ("Below the Radar")
♪LEAP DAY / Secret Gardener ("Awaking the Muse")
♪OPETH / Burden ("Watershed")
♪WALLY / Giving ("Montpelier")
♪MYSTERY / Snowhite ("Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face")
♪PETER PAN / Days ("Days")

I'll write how I like each items after tomorrow.


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KARNATAKA / Delicate Flame of Desire

This album is the masterpiece of mastermieces in melodic and symphonic rock.
If you would not fall for this album, I comment that you cannot go well with that kind of music.
I seriously disappointed that divorce of Joneses had led them to be disbanded (formed again).
Short introduction titled "Karnataka" is followed by "Time Stands Still", which takes me in a trance with the beautiful voice of Rachel Jones.
"Strange Behaviour" strokes my worn-out mind calmly and tenderly.
I often hear about comparison between Rachel Jones and Ann-Marie Helder, but I think that the sophisticated back-vocal support of Ann-Marie Helder gives us splendor of this album.
And I want to describe that the guitar tone played by Paul Davies raises this album to the heavenly stage.
When Paul's guitar upsets in "The Right Time", tears overflow my eyes.

"Karnataka"と題された短いイントロに続く"Time Stands Still"は、Rachel Jonesの美声によって私を忘我の境地に酔わせてくれます。
"Strange Behaviour"は、疲弊した私の心を穏やかに優しく撫でていきます。
Rachel JonesとAnn-Marie Helderを比較する記事をネットでよく見かけますが、Ann-Marie Helderの秀逸なバック・ボーカルがこのアルバムに輝きを与えているように私は思います。
Paul Daviesのギターもこのアルバムを引き立たせています。
"The Right Time"でPaulのギターが裏返るとき、涙が私の目に溢れます。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

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MOSTLY AUTUMN / The Last Bright Light

This is their third album I like the best as they have been gradually leaving from my taste after this album, and is full of pop sensibility such as the tunes, "Half the Mountain", "The Dark before the Dawn", "Hollow", "Never the Rainbow", "Shrinking Violet", "Mother Nature", all of which are pearls of good songs.
The violinist left the band, so celtic fashion would have been slightly faded and the rock mood was strengthened.
In accordance with the album title, splendid sunlight spreads over pastoral scenery and tranquil atmosphere produced by delicate tones of the accoustic guitar and the flute coexists with the bold and powerful gauitar played by Bryan Josh.
About at the time when this album was issued, they went around a live tour with BLACKMORE'S NIGHT and the "Hanging Tree" illustration painted by the vocalist Heather Findley appears in the brochure enclosed within the album "Fires at Midnight" of BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW, which is described in the Wikipedia.

彼らの3枚めのアルバムですが、このアルバム以降私の趣味から離れてくるので、私が最も好むアルバムです。ポップ・センスに溢れていて、"Half the Mountain","The Dark before the Dawn","Hollow","Never the Rainbow","Shrinking Violet","Mother Nature"などの珠玉の名曲揃いです。
アルバム・タイトル通り、光り輝く陽光が田園風景に広がり、繊細なアコギとフルートが醸し出すのどかな雰囲気がBryan Joshの演奏する野太いギターと共存しています。
このアルバムが発表された頃、彼らは、BLACKMORE'S NIGHT とともにライブツアーを回っていて、BLACKMORE'S RAINBOWのアルバム"Fires at Midnight"に付属している冊子にはvocalistのHeather Findleyが描いた"Hanging Tree"の絵が載っています(Wikipediaに書かれています)。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

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KNIGHT AREA / Realm of Shadows

They have already released four studio albums, all of which are high-quality progressive rock, so I waver the choice of their best album.
Formerly, I listend many times to "Two of a Kind" on the progressive rock radio : morow .com included in the album "Realm of Shadows".
When I listened to this album for the first time, I was surprised and deeply impressed same as TEMPUS FUGIT 1st album "Tales form a Forgotten World", and it was this album to guide me in the discussion on the Internet about progressive rock once again.
Tidy vocal style, flowing sound of keyboards, solid as well as lyrical guitar, singing bass and dramatic development with Gothic taste conduct sometimes rough, other-time beutiful and brilliant melody lines, and is constructing a completed symphonic world.

いずれも完成度が高く甲乙つけ難いのですが、以前、morow.comで"Two of a Kind"をよく聴いたので、この曲が収録されいている3rdを挙げて起きます。
このアルバムを最初に聴いたとき、TEMPUS FUGITの1st "Tales from a Forgotten World"を聴いたときのあの驚きと感動が蘇ってきました。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

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This is the first album which they would try to switch from the fantasic melodic course to the hard-symphonic course.
I suppose that they might have consider the drummer: Fudge Smith who had been criticized for his mild drumming I think to be suitable for the melodic and symphonic rock, so in this album the rhythm roughness was intensified while the acooustic guitar was used a lot for the melodic-oriented listeners, but he has withdrawed from the band.
His name also disappears in HENRY FOOL's second album "Men Singing" (2013).
Dreamy euphoria in the album "World" or "Window of Life" was replaced with a gloomy atmosphere exuding from this album, which might have shown the change of Nick Barrett's mind.

思うに、軟弱ドラマー(メロディック・シンフォには合っていたと私は思います)と批判されていたFudge Smithへの配慮があるような気がしますが、このアルバムではリズムの激しさが強化されています。一方で、メロディック派にも配慮して、アコギが多用されています。
ですが、Fudge Smithはバンドを脱退してしまいました。2013年のHENRY FOOLの2ndアルバム"Men Singing"にも彼の名前は見えません。
"World"や"Window of Life"の頃のドリーミーな幸福感は、本アルバムからにじみ出てくる暗い雰囲気に入れ替わりました。Nick Barettの心境変化を映すものかも知れません。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

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