This is the 3rd album of PANIC ROOM which was formed by four members of KARNATAKA excpet Rachel and Ian Jones who had got divorced.
I felt that the direction to proceed was obscure in the 1st, and the 2nd which were a little experimental and trying to various things, but in this album I think accompaniment of the string music and gloomy arrangement would have built one style.
Synthesizer part goes down in comparison with 1st, 2nd, and the guitar played by Paul Davies expanded the activity area, however after this album was issued, he has withdrawn.
I was so shocked that I worried whether another guitarist should join the band or the direction of the band should be changed again in future, as Paul Davies is an indivisual melodic guitarist with hard effort to look for a substitute for him.
The darkness of this work exceeds the grief of shadow, and reaches to a bitter tragedy, was it conscious to Gothic-metal, or was it the sense of Ann-Marie Helder writing lyrics?

離婚してしまったJones夫妻を除くKARNATAKAの4人のメンバーによって結成されたPANIC ROOMの3rdアルバムです。
1st,2ndに比べると、シンセが引っ込んで、Paul Daviesのギターが活躍の場を広げています。しかしながら、アルバム発表後、彼は脱退してしまいました。
別のギタリストが加入するのか、バンドの方向性が再び変わって行くのか、わかりませんが、Paul Daviesは個性的なメロディック・ロック・ギタリストなので、代役を探すのは難しそうで、残念でなりません。
この作品の暗さは、悲しみの影を通り越して、悲壮感が漂います。Gothic metalを意識しているのか、歌詞を書いているAnn-Marie Helderの感覚なのでしょうか?

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

YAK / Journey of the YAK

YAK is not so popular, is "YAK" connected with "YACC"?
The title song was played on morow.com so frequetly, and got me fascinated.
This is a full-instrumental album leaded by a hammond, but dreamy and beautiful melody lines drawn by graceful and relieved guitar sound (no guitarist information) would impress you with intelligent self-assertion that sometimes peaceful and mild, or other times sad and dim air would flow in the narrative development arranging fast running part and slow wandering part.
Martin Morgan who is the chief plotter of YAK concept seems to have worked hard to produce this album, so I would like to support them as mch as I can, but I also have a hard labor.

YAKのコンセプトの首謀者であるMartin Morganは本アルバムを制作する上で随分と苦労したようで、できる限り応援したくなりますが、私の方も大変な仕事を抱えてまして.....。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

KVAZAR / A Giant's Lullaby

Similar to KNIGHT AREA, YAK etc., listening to "Choir of Life" on internet radio: morow.com got me fascinated with a little ethnic flavor of balmy melodic symphonic rock.
This album has been taken up on several websites in Japan, seems to be appreciated because it has an element of the Jazz rock.
As for me, some kind of incomprehensible Jazz rock taste found in this album is not the matter, but the dramatic development, tight performance with vigorous power, nevertheless what is GENESIS-CAMEL-like and sweetly flowing Celts atmosphere have been satisfying me enough.
Most of my favorite albums are mild music, as I like the symphonic rock, but I think that this album should be one of the best progressive album in the decade of 2000 as a solid serious work as ANEKDOTEN etc. in northern Europe.
Written also on other websites, there might be parts evoking KING CRIMSON such as "Desert Blues", and it is slightly regrettable that the recording would have been more technical.
After this work issued, why has there been no news of them, and has the link to their homepage broken?

my favorites albumsは、私のシンフォ好きということもあり、穏和な音楽が多いのですが、このアルバムは、ANEKDOTENなどと並ぶ北欧硬派として、私の趣味と離れても2000~2010の傑作の一つと言えると思います。
他の人も書いてますが、"Desert Blues"とか、KING CRIMSONを思わせる部分もあります、録音がイマイチなのが残念かな?

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽


FRANC ALBIR is a Catalan band in whose sounds I feel wishes for Catalan independence movement in Spain.
I think that their music has a unique splendor like mild Mediterranean sunlight shining white-painted walls which probably reflects traditional culture of Catalonia and their song has Catalan lyrics.
Their sound is superb melodic symophonic rock, and more PENDRAGON-like than PENDRAGON, I could believe even if this album would be said to be the new work of PENDRAGON, but it may be a little brighter than PENDRAGON, and partially like AOR.
As for the keyboard, it is not so splendid as Clive Nolan, but sobbing guitar play resembles Nick Barrett closely.
They might have started band performance from the 80s.
Considering from the sound source of the 90s, I think that they seems to have been originally a fusion-style band.
This is my most recommendable album in those relesed recently.

FRANC ALBIRはスペインで独立運動を起こしているカタルーニャのバンドです。
キーボードはClive Nolanほど華麗ではないですが、ギターが泣きじゃくるあたりは、Nick Barrettに非常によく似ています。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽


IAMTHEMORNING is the project of substantially two person based on Petersburg in Russia.
They published a sound source on their homepage, and the assertive strategy that a buyer decides the download price gave effectively their first album of unique titie "~" the second position of Progarchives 2012 album ranking, in the higher of which there are not a few albums that are beyond my understanding.
This album is worth succeeding excellently in performing melodic symphonic rock without electric instruments (with drums), which I feel could be said not to be the rock music.
Their music has an considerably indivisual style, but the style plays an influent and beautiful melody line not to spoil a soothing atmosphere.
In short, it is what should be said if what Spanish progressive rock band AMAROK performed in "Gibra Ara" wold have been sublimer.
Its acoustic guitar with a lean tone is also my favorite, but the strength of IAMTHEMORNING is as good as AMAROK.
I feel common essence both in folk-origin music with woman vocals.

一言で言えば、スペインのAMAROKの"Gibra Ara"あたりをもっと壮絶にやるとどうなるか、という感じです。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

MOONRISE / Stopover-Life

MOONRISE has developed from the project of a keybordist like KNIGHT AREA to a genuine band formation with a vocalist joining in this 3rd album and has come to be more perfect.
In 1st, the vocalist of MILLENIUM participated, but provides lyrics in this album.
Their music is basically mild and fluent symphonic melodic rock such as MARILLION, is also similar to CHANCE which is a French solo-project.
Keyboard sounds floating in the air are tangled with sweet sax melodies like ones of Kenny G, brilliant taste of which reminds me a sax performance of Satoshi Nakamura in Japanese porogressive rock band, "Anzen Band".
Also the guitar sobbing more seriously than Andrew Latimer is very impressive.
I don't feel their music gloomy or desperate as if I would be forced to stand on an edge of a cliff, which often appears in nordic or Polish progressive rock bands, but they play gently and generously, would console your tired hearts elegantly.
It may not be suitable for stimulating music lovers.

MOONRISEはKNIGHT AREAと同様に、キーボーディストのプロジェクトから発展してきました。
ふわっと宙を漂遊するキーボードにKenny Gのような甘いサックスがからみます。
Andrew Latimer以上の泣きのギターも印象的です。
北欧・ポーランド系のsymphonic bandに多く見られる暗鬱でそそり立つような感じはなく、疲れた心を優しくいたわるような感じで伸びやかに淡々と演奏されていきます。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

PANIC ROOM / Satellite (in the album:"Satellite")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
In this song, you can listen to excellent singing of Anne-Marie Helder supporting not only KARNATAKA but also MOSTLY AUTUMN as a backup signer and a player of the flute and the keyboards from "Glass Shadows".
Her lyrics include steady opinions, and you cannot but acknowlede great ablity as a songwriter of Anne-Marie Helder as well as she is a talented singer.
Hearing only the introduction with a pip-pip sound, you might perceive it as a spacy music like David Bowie, and it resembles "To the Moon And Back" of Savage Garden a little.
As for the former half, Ann-Marie sings gently and unstrikingly; "Windows on the world show me that it's broken..... I know you are waiting like a guiding light.", so I feel this music a calm ballad, but suddenly stereo image spreads out explosively and she sings; "Satellite, Satellite, I'm searching for you. Inner light, inner light, it's breaking.", and such impressive phrase is repeated again and again, so ejection of adreneline cannot be stopped.
This music should be said to be not melodic symphonic rock but vocal music, but male backing vocal showered on repeated soulful phrase by Ann-Marie is so emotional that I am forced to go on listening to this music dozens of times shaking my heart furiosly.
This song seems to be sung together with all audiences at their gigs.
As for me, it is as execellnt as "Sound of Silence", "Let It Be", "Stairway to Heaven", "Layla", or "Epitaph".

KARNATAKAだけでなく、MOSTLY AUTUMNでも、"Glass Shadows"からバック・コーラス、フルート、キーボードでバンドを支えるAnne-Marie Helderの絶唱が聴けます。
歌唱力もさることながら、歌詞にも明確な主張がこめられていて、Anne-Marie Helderのソングライターとしても有能な面が覗えます。
ピコピコ言っているイントロだけ聴くと、David Bowieのスペ-シーな曲かと思ってしまうし、Savage Gardenの"To the Moon And Back"のイントロにもちょっと似ています。
前半は、Ann-marie Helderのボーカルも静かに淡々と、「世界にあいた窓から世界が壊れていくのが見える。だんだん速くなるけれど、話もできないくらい離れすぎた。もし銀色の空を抜けて飛んで行けるなら、争いが多すぎるし、緊張も多すぎるこの場所を離れられるのに。・・・・・・壊れそうな私の心のための案内灯のように、夜のどこかであなたが待ってくれているはず。」と歌われていくので、地味なボーカル曲かと思っていると、突如として音像が左右に広がり、「サテライト、サテライト、私はあなたを探しているの、心の内の光は壊れかけてるわ。」というAnn-Marie Helderの絶唱が何度も何度も繰り返されるうちに、アドレナリンの放出が止まらなくなります。
個人的には、"Sound of Silence","Let It Be","Stairway to Heaven","Layla","Epitaph"にも並ぶ名曲です。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

KARNATAKA / Delicate Flame of Desire (in the album: "Delicate Flame of Desire")

Album:"Delicate Flame of Desire" of KARNATAKA is full of the excellent tunes and it is difficult to say which is the best or which is better than others, but covered all with dignity and elegance as an English band, and pierced and flashed by the superb guitar solo sparkling of Paul Davies in the middle stage, this title tune should be worthy of the most delicate and desirable.
A vocal of Rachel Jones is very adorable, too.
The album is available on a homepage of KARNATAKA. I would like you listen to it by all means.

KARNATAKAの"Delicate Flame of Desire"は甲乙つけ難い名曲揃いで、どれを、とは言えないのですが、英国らしい気品と優雅さを湛えるとともに、中盤でのPaul Daviesのつんざくような絶品のギター・ソロが冴えわたるタイトル曲を挙げておきましょう。
Rachel Jonesのボーカルもとても素敵です。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

MOSTLY AUTUMN / Top of the World (in the album:"The Ghost Moon Orchestra")

Considering the title: "Top of the World", the former part in which Olivia Sparnen sings with Bryan Josh just like whispering softly sounds so desolate.
Entering the latter part to cease singing, I would be impressed by the sobbing guitar solo of Bryan Josh which is performed as if it broken the silence.
It might be thought to be one of the patterns of MOSTLY AUTUMN music that it begins quietly in the former part and arises enthusiastically with the guitar of Bryan Josh in the latter part.
At the end, the voice of a little girl saying "Bye-bye" comes home deeply to my heart separated from my beloved daughter.

"Top of the World"というタイトルにしては、前半のBryan JoshとOlivia Spaenennが一緒にささやくように歌っている部分は、寂しげです。
後半に入り、歌が途切れたあとに炸裂するBryan Joshのむせび泣くギターソロに心打たれます。
前半は静かで、後半にBryan Joshのギターで盛り上がる、というのがMOSTLY AUTUMNの一つのパターンらしいです。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

WITHIN TEMPTATION / In Perfect Harmony (in the album:"Mother Earth")

In fact, it is recent that I knew WITHIN TEMPTATION.
Charlotte Wessels of DELAIN participated in "Nine Paths", 4th of KNIGHT AREA, so I checked DELAIN to arrive at WITHIN TEMPTATION which the main member of DELAIN once belonged to.
But I was really surprised at this song when I found it included in Gothic death metal tunes.
Such things that a vocalist of a metal band sings a wonderful ballad with a rich voice have often happened as "Love of a Lifetime" of FIREHOUSE which gained the U.S. chart first place.
I was prejudiced against the Gothic metal band, and how ignorant I was about existence of such a beautiful song!
Death metal band did perform something like Annie Haslam with the backup of the orchestra.
The female vocal penetrating through high-pitched tone reminds me of the phrase of "Both Sides Now" sung by Judy Collins.
The beautiful woman vocal singing "a child born and raised in the deep forest becomes the king of elves and trees" is so nice and touching.
Derived by a calm cello, the ending part scene swells solemnly with the whole orchestra resounding.
It is sure that this song would be loved by a tender progressive rock lover even if played by a Gothic metal band.
As for the title, I remember one paragraph of "From a Distance" of Bette Midler, "From a distance there is harmony and it echoes through the land".
In their next album:"The Silent Force" which is also basically Gothic metal the splendid vocal song titled "Somewhere" singing "You're always in my heart. I'll find you somewhere. I'll keep on trying until my dying day." accompanied by an orchestra is recorded(this words are used as a subtitle of this site).
This song:"Somewhere" is too good to be only a metal band's song.
I would like to hear Sarah Brightman sing this song as a standard number such as "Time to Say Goobye".

実は、WITHIN TEMPTATIONを知ったのは最近のことです。
KNIGHT AREAの4th:"Nine Paths"にDELAINのCharlotte Wesselsが参加していて、DELAINを調べるうちに、中心メンバーがかつて在籍していた、ということでWITHIN TEMPTATIONにたどりつきました。
ですが、Gothic Death Metalの中に、この曲が紛れているのを見つけたときには本当にびっくりしました。
メタル・バンドが声量に任せて絶品のバラードを聴かせる、というのは、全米1位になったFIREHOUSEの"Love of a Lifetime"とかよくあることですが、食わず嫌いで、こういうのもあったんですねえ。知らなかったなあ。
オーケストラのバックアップを受けて、death metal bandがAnnie Haslamのようなことをやってます。
高音に抜けるところなど、Judy Collinsの"Both Sides Now"を思い出すようなフレーズも出てきます。
Gothic metalとは言っても、プログレ愛好家には必ず愛される曲です。
タイトルは、Bette Midlerの"From A Distance"の一節、"From a distance there is a harmony and it echoes through the land."を思い出させます。
次のアルバム"The Silent Force"も基本はゴシック・メタルですが、これにも、「あなたはいつも私の胸の中にいる、どこかであなたを見つける、あなたを最後の日まで探し続ける」と歌う、"Somewhere"というオーケストラを従えた素晴らしいボーカル曲が収録されています。
スタンダード曲にしたくなる曲。"Time to Say Goobye"みたいに、Sarah Brightmanに歌ってもらいたいな。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

BREATHING SPACE / Questioning Eyes (in the album:"Below the Radar")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
To Carry out singing plangently with a heart full of emotion is meant in Japanese to be 「絶唱」(is read with "zesshow".「絶」is the letter with the meaning that it is absolute and 「唱」 is the letter with the meaning of singing).
In addition, what is so excellent that I do not hit on a thing to compare with is described in Japanese as 「絶品の」(is read with "zeppin-no".「品」 is the letter with the meaning of goods).
I think that the way Olivia Sparnen makes you listen to this song would be just 「絶唱」.
Similarly, 「絶品」 would mean the guitar performance of Nick Barrett supported by the backup chorus in the end part of "Master of Illusion" of PENDRAGON.
Olivia Sparnenn now serving as the front person of MOSTLY AUTUMN would wrap and encourage him who has drowned deep under the water of the trouble, following the introduction of a sad cello.
If encouraged in this way, I would melt to be mushy.
Even a solo album of Lliam Davison I thought so, even if BREATHING SPACE would have been a side project, I did not know whether this song performed by MOSTLY AUTUMN or not.
Actually, MOSTLY AUTUMN seems to be played it at their gigs.

この曲で聴けるOlivia Sparnenの歌唱がまさに「絶唱」です。
同様に、PENDRAGONの"Master of Illusion"の終盤で、バックコーラスのサポートを受けて演奏されるNick Barrettのギターを「絶品の」と言います。
現在は、MOSTLY AUTUMNのフロントを勤めるOlivia Sparnennが、哀しいチェロのイントロに続いて、悩みの淵に沈む彼を温かく包んで励まそうと歌います。
Lliam Davisonのソロ・アルバムでも思いましたが、side projectとは言っても、この曲は、MOSTLY AUTUMNがやっていると言われたとしてもわかりません。
実際、MOSTLY AUTUMNのライブでも演奏されているようです。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

LEAP DAY / Secret Gardener (in the album:"Awaking the Muse")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
It is a tune that morow.com often put on recently.
I fell for this music and bought the CD.
The sound of the CD is considered as melodic symphonic rock which can be said to be proper really for the performance in Netherlands, but I have not been able to come to like it so much, then I listen to only this song "Secret Gardener" which seems to have nothing to do with SECRET GARDEN I like the best in healing music.
This is a plaintive song matching an adhesive and individual vocal and sounds somewhat shades of DEEP PURPLE's "Farmer's Daughter", as if my heart was sticked through by an echo which sings "Sometimes I wonder why happiness doesn't last" in its lyrics.

大好きなヒーリングものSECRET GARDENとは、関係ないです。
どこか、DEEP PURPLEの"Farmer's Daughter"を思い出してしまいますが、歌詞の最後で、"Sometimes I wonder why happiness doesn't last."と言っているところが、私の胸に突き刺さるように響きます。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

OPETH / Burden (in the album:"Watershed")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
This is also the music that morow.com often put on recently, and the guitar sobs accompanied by the melotron and followed by a tragic chorus reminding me "Epitaph", which is the type I like, but the album titled "Watershed" including this song is surprisingly a death metal work.
There are some parts where the flute or the acoustic guitar is performed lyrically but rushing death voice "Wohgohhho, oghogggho, gahhhgaggghaa" passes far over my head.
I don't know why morow.com puts on music of OPETH, but I heard that OPETH is a top band of death metal field and it happened to be such a case to buy a CD without knowing it in detail.
However, this bluesy emotional guitar sound is my special favorites and is similar to be the way Ritchie Blackmore plays in "Anthem" of DEEP PURPLE.
My whole body becomes so numb when the twin guitar solo begins to be played in unison.
Incidentally, "Heritage" next to "WaterShed" is not a death metal and not a metal either but is just heavy progressive rock as genuine type of "Red" as KING CRIMSON performed.
Now in morow.com you can hear "Drapery Falls" which is a death metal tune.
If I had heard this earlier, I might not have bought "Watershed" CD.

DEEP PURPLEの"Anthem"でRitchie Blackmoreが弾いていたような感じ。
最近morrow.comでは、"Drapery Falls"もよくかかっています。こちらはデスメタル。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽


stjohnsav (Kunihiko Hirashima)

Author:stjohnsav (Kunihiko Hirashima)
Welcome to my music site. I am wating for your next visit.
A girl of the upper image is my daughter Yurie 13 years ago. Now her surname is Yuuki to whom I have no relation. She graduated from Hibiya Senior High School in 2010 and entered the Waseda University school of law. She has sent no email for more than two years. If you know how she is, please let me know secretly.