WALLY / Giving (in the album:"Montpelier")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
A simple phrase is only repeated, but is the sweet and dreamy music using reverberation most effectively that is what I like the best.
The transparent vocal same as '70s makes me enthralled and I am very fond of the violin performed at the last of this tune as if it would float over wonderland.
Listening to it precisely, a taste of the guitar backing reminds me of BYRDS, which also arouses tearful nostalgia for my childhood.


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ジャンル : 音楽

MYSTERY / Snowhite (in the album:"Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
MYSTERY is a Canadean symphonic rock project led by Michel St-Pere and it is marked by prominent arrangement and the sweet high-tone vocal Benoit David who is similar to Dennis de Young of STYX and was in charge of the vocalist of YES in the album:"Fly from Here".
"Snowhite" is a short song for about 4 minutes with pompous giutar phrase but with impressive sorrowful vocal melody remaining my mind and it expresses allurement of MYSTERY sufficiently.
Special recording technique makes the vocal muffled tone, which is really effective.
"The Awakening" in which a same phrase as "Snowhite" comes out is also a moving tune in the same album.
The latest album:"The World Is a Game" contains excellent "Pride" drums of which is performed by Nick D'Virgilio who was a SPOCK'S BEARD drummer and participated in "Calling at the Station" of GENESIS and BIG BIG TRAIN.

MYSTERYは、メタルっぽい派手なアレンジと甘いハイトーン・ボーカル(STYXのDennis DeYoungに似てる、YESの最新作"Fly From Here"でもvocalを担当しています)が特徴のMichel St-Pere率いるカナダのシンフォ・プロジェクトです。
アルバム”Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face"では、他に、"Snowehite"と同じフレーズが出てくる"Awakening"も感動的な曲です。
最近作の"The World Is a Game"では、SPOCK'S BEARDのドラマー(BIG BIG TRAINもやってる。GENESISの"Calling at the Station"でも何曲かやってます)がサポートに入り、"Pride"という名曲が入っています。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

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ジャンル : 音楽

PETER PAN / Days (in the album:"Days")

(Please forgive me in case of the broken link, because I have no intention that the copyright of the artist would not have to be admired.)
PETER PAN is the band which is formed by Wojtek Szadokowski who was the drummer of COLLAGE.
Because the name of the vocalist is Peter, I suppose that the band name would be PETER PAN.
There are some bands such as SATELLITE, BELIEVE that inherit directly from COLLAGE, but I think that this band holds an atmosphere of COLLAGE the most.
SATELLITE have been almost out of my favorites and BELIEVE is comfotable for me to listen to but have been popnized in every albums.
So, the most I expected is this band.
I feel that the keyboardist has the taste of COLLAGE well.
The vocalist is as unique and eccentric as COLLAGE, the guitarist is technical but has a common style, different from an intensive, individual style of Mirek Gil dancing like a whip.
But I have percieved sustained passion of COLLAGE full of imminence and feeling that sometimes bursts, somtimes strokes softly my tired shoulder with the drummer Szadokowski.
Unfortunately 2nd does not appear.

PETER PANはCOLLAGEのドラマー、Wojtek Szadokowskiが作ったバンドです。
vocalistがPeterと言うので、バンド名をPETER PANとしているのでしょうか。
ギターは技巧派ですが普通のギターなので、Mirek Gilのあのひゅんひゅんと踊る強烈な個性的ギターとはかなり違います。

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My favorite albums from 1991 to 2000

Here, I set up a list of my favorite albums and tunes which was released from 1991 to 2000.
Years have been passed, but my preference is same as the former, so contents of list are not changed and are almost same as those ten years ago that I wrote in my already-faded homepage.

♪PENDRAGON / Masquerade Overture (1996),PENDRAGON / Window of Life (1993),PENDRAGON / World (1991)
♪COLLAGE / Moonshine (1994)
♪CINEMA / Into the State of the Flux (2000)
♪TEMPUS FUGIT / Tales of the Forgotten World (1997)
♪PICTURES / Painting the Blue (1997)
♪MARTIN DARVIL & FRIENDS / The Greatest Show on Earth (1998)
♪CHANCE / Escape to Horizon (2000)
♪ILUVATAR / Chirdren (1995)
♪SHADES OF DAWN / The Dawn of Time (1998)
♪LANVALL / Auramony (1996)

My favorite music from 1991 to 2000 (album title )
special items (included in upper albums)
♪PENDRAGON / Last Waltz (in the album:"World")
♪PENDRAGON / Voyager (in the album:"World")
♪PENDRAGON / Breaking a Spell (in the album:"Window of Life")
♪PENDRAGON / Paintbox (in the album:"Masquerade Overture")
♪COLLAGE / Living in a Moonlight (in the album:"Moonshine")
mainly such that
♪COLLAGE / Eight Kisses (in the album "Safe")
♪MOSTLY AUTUMN / The Gap is Too Wide (in the album:"Spirit of the Autumn Past")
♪IRIS / Crossing the Desert (in the album:"Crossing the Desert")
♪L.A.GUNS / Crystal Eyes (in the album:"Hollywood Vampires")
♪CALLIOPE / La Visione Della Dolce Pioggia (in the album:"Il Madrigal der Vento")
♪KARNATAKA / The Storm (in the album:"Storm") guitar solo
♪BLACKMORE'S NIGHT / No Second Chance (in the album:"Shadow of the Moon")
♪ERIS PLUVIA / In the Rising Mist (in the album:"Rings of Earthly Light")
♪ELOY / Childhood Memories (in the album:"Tides Return Forever")
♪MORIA FALLS / Traveller (in the album:"The Long Goodbye") impressive guitar phrase

I'll write how I like each items after tomorrow.


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PENDRAGON / World, Window of Life, Masquerade Overture

It is too difficult for me to arrange their three albums released in 90s in fond order, so I would write here that one by bundling three items should be my most favorite.
The uppest image is "World" which was released 1991, the midst image is "Window of Life" released 1993, and the lowest image is "Masquerade Overture" released 1996, and recording technique was gradually progressing but musical substance was not changed.
The first one to which I ever listned of theirs is "Window of Life" and made me crazy by the shock at the opening church organ sound, since then my favorite band have been PENDRAGON, it is not changed still now.
Their dreamy and fantasic music heals my chilled heart like twinkling snows falling silently from the sky with new blessed hopes to cover exhausted frozen mountains.
Sobbing guitars and splendid keyboards sounds supported by calm rhythm sections are their forte.
I desired that more music fans would lose theirselves in PENDRAGON's music.

90年代に出た彼らの3枚のアルバムを好きな順に並べるのはとても難しいので、3枚まとめてmost favoriteということにします。
右のジャケットの一番上が91年に出た"World",真ん中が93年に出た"Window of Life",一番下が96年に出た"Masquerade Overture"で、録音技術はだんだん進歩していますが、音楽性は変わりません。
彼らの作品の内で、私が最初に聞いたのは"Window of Life"で、最初の教会オルガンの音でノックアウトされ、それ以来、私の一番贔屓はPENDRAGONで、それは今でも変わっていません。

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テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

COLLAGE / Moonshine

From the shocking introduction to the last tune "War Is Over", whole this album carries me an uproar of Polish delight at the period soon after they escaped from the domination of Soviet Union by the end of the Cold War.
It is full of the sweet melodies in a serious solid mood with Mirek Gil's whizzing guitar sound that makes my heart flutter sinking deeply inside and is a monumental achievement album of melodic symphonic rock.
In an aggressive part, it is studded with romantic, elegant ballads such as "Living in the Moonlight" which makes me raptly intoxicated.
COLLAGE in itself was once dissolved after the next "Safe" album, but there have been many splendid bands of melodic symphonic rock affected by COLLAGE in Poland now including QUIDAM, MOONRISE, etc.
I think that the credit for this great accomplishment that they founded the basis of melodic symphonic rock in Polland goes to COLLAGE.
COLLAGE has revived in this autumn as if they celebrated this site start (should not do!).
At the end of '13, they are said to carry out a live activity and to have a plan to release new album in the coming year.

衝撃的なイントロから終曲の"War Is Over"まで、冷戦が終わりソ連の支配下から脱して間もない頃のポーランド人の歓喜の様子が肌に伝わってくるアルバムです。
硬質な中にも甘ったるいメロディー満載で、キュン、キュンと泣くMirek Gilのギターが胸に染み渡るメロディック・シンフォの金字塔アルバムです。
攻撃的な部分の中に、"Living in the Moonlight"のようなロマンチックで優美なバラードが散りばめられていて、うっとりと酔わせてくれます。

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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

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ジャンル : 音楽

CINEMA / Into the State of the Flux

CINEMA is a Japanese melodic symphonic rock band of six musicians and a composer.
I think the basic tone of CINEMA is GENESIS-CAMEL-like, but they acted mainly at Kyoto(京都), so their music has not been influenced by GENESIS and CAMEL any more, we can listen to mild and graceful melodies performed influently with a warm atmosphere abundant in Japanese scenaries.
Even if I said "Japanese scenaries", the scenaries are not classical images of Gagaku("雅楽"), Nougaku("能楽") or Kabuki("歌舞伎") from the Nara or Heian era to the Edo era (600A.D.~1860), but they mean to be bright and idyllic images of Rokumei-Kan("鹿鳴館") or Konjiki-Yasha("金色夜叉") in the Meiji or Taisho relatively modern period(1870~1920).
Without going to be too passionate, technical or extravagant, their music inweaves finely the gentle impression of the ancient city with a Japanese own peculiar arrangement which could not be listend to in Europe or America.
However, it does not become healing music or easy listening, comprises the elegant female vocal followed by guitar or violin solo supported by the stable rhythm section as one of definite rock music style.
I would like to recommend it as rock music expressing Japan also to everyone of Europe and America.


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ワールド・ディスク ガーデン・シェッド カケハシ・レコード ディスク・ユニオン

テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

TEMPUS FUGIT / Tales from a Forgotten World

In the 80s, I was pressed by daily work, so I did not have a time to listen to music at all, then in the 90s, I could have a time to embark on a trip to search for good music, but OASIS or RADIOHEAD which were popular at that time disagreed with me, it might have been only KULA SHAKER that could manage to satisfy me.
And in the mid 90s, I happened to know PENDRAGON which I found in HMV Shinjuku-Takashimaya shop which has been already closed, but I had no information source or GOOGLE to let me know where I could get same kind of music as PENDRAGON.
I rode a wave of the Internet which had prevailed in Japan, and I had a net-friend tell the shop, World Dispue or GardenShed, but because about a half of a year from the CD release made it out of stock, so, it was difficult to get this CD produced in Brazil which had been regarded as a remote region, even if Brazil CDs are commonly available now and the next Olympic Games are to be held there.
And furthermore after a half of a year, I obtained it finally, I remember so.
I was marvelously moved to listen to the music.
It was worth having had a long hard time.
There comes scarcely such a shocking event.
The guitar and the keyboards are overlapped to perform sweet, graceful melodies which surge from a wave to another as if it were a flood.
Nevertheless, sense of rushing, straining and soaring, structural beauty calculated completely, and dramatic development full of stories allowed me to conclude that this CD was a supreme masterpiece of melodic symphonic rock.
The impression is not varied even when I listen to it now.

気に入ったのはせいぜいKULA SHAKERくらいなものです。
流行し始めたインターネットを自分も始めて、そこでやっとWorld DisqueとかGardenShedという店を教えてもらったのですが、既に発売から半年位過ぎていてブラジルものということで在庫切れで入手できず(World Disqueの中島店長に、だからさっさと買っときなさいと言ったでしょうと叱られた記憶があります。今だからこそ次の五輪開催地でブラジルのCDもよく流通していますが、当時は辺境ものでした)、入手できたのは、それからさらに半年位たってからだったと思います。

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テーマ : ロック
ジャンル : 音楽

PICTURES / Painting the Blue

PICTURES is a hardly-known band from Turin in Italy.
I cannot understand at all why this band is scarcely talked about greatly on the internet.
Is this because they disappeared only with this one album, or a jacket design is too austere, or an easy band name is hard to be picked up by a search of GOOGLE and Youtube?
Any element of PICTURES such as the technical keybordist, the crisp tight rhythm section and the vocal full of poetic taste just as an Italian is a first-class article.
The splendid clear-voice vocalist is one of my most favorite vocalists comparable to Alluisio Maggini of CLEPSYDRA, Maurizio Mercandino of CAP (Consorzio Acqua Potabile) and Mark Smit of KNIGHT AREA.
The sobbing guitar spurting from the soul, the lyrical piano purling fluently and the emotional ballad such as "Last Exit" are so impressive that I cannot find terms to explain.
It is sure that their melodies are catchy like BOSTON or JOURNEY but their performance is fairly fruitful, so, I think that they should be evaluated more highly.
I would like by all means to support a band fading from your memory in spite of all passion to rock music.

技巧派のキーボード、歯切れの良いrhythm section、イタリアらしい歌心溢れるボーカル、どれをとってもPICTURESは一級品です。
光り輝く透明なボーカルは、個人的には、CLEPSYDRAのAlluisio Maggini、CAP(CONSORZIO ACQUA POTABILE)のMaurizio Mercandino、KNIGHT AREAのMark Smitと並んで、最も好きなボーカリストの一人です。
ほとばしる泣きのギターも、サラサラと弾かれる叙情的なピアノも、"Last Exit"のような情感溢れるバラードも感動的です。

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stjohnsav (Kunihiko Hirashima)

Author:stjohnsav (Kunihiko Hirashima)
Welcome to my music site. I am wating for your next visit.
A girl of the upper image is my daughter Yurie 13 years ago. Now her surname is Yuuki to whom I have no relation. She graduated from Hibiya Senior High School in 2010 and entered the Waseda University school of law. She has sent no email for more than two years. If you know how she is, please let me know secretly.